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Dysfunctional behaviors presented by people affected by Personality Disorder (PD) are greatly minimized thanks to Psychoeducation. Some of the TPs suppose a high degree of destructuring and through the Program it is intended that the subjects with PDs and their families begin to become aware of the disease (a previous and essential step for a correct approach to these pathologies so devastating for the life of the person with TP and its environment), through correct information, advice and the acquisition of skills and strategies to face the deficits that accompany these diseases. The advantages of a long-term group psychoeducational treatment are: improvement of symptoms, greater adherence to treatment and greater ability of the person with PD to claim help in complex situations, such as autolytic ideation or in the prevention of compulsive behaviors.

The sessions in the Psychoeducation Program last an hour and a half every Monday, one Monday for people with PD and another Monday for family members.

Guía psicoeducación para familiares.

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