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The TP CARTAGENA MM Volunteer Program was created with the aim of trying to improve the quality of life of people affected by Personality Disorders and their families, through voluntary action. As well as to publicize the services that our entity provides, spreading information about a mental disorder that today is still little known.

The role of the volunteer in TP CARTAGENA MM

At TPCARTAGENA MM we need the collaboration of volunteers to develop our projects and activities. Aspects such as responsibility, perseverance and motivation of the volunteer towards the tasks entrusted to them are essential for the volunteer-organization relationship to be fruitful and both parties must get involved to make this possible.

Profile of the volunteer at TPCARTAGENA MM

  • PROFESSIONALS or pre-professionals who are in recent formative years of degrees such as Psychology, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy or the like, Social Work, Social Education or the like, Technical Engineering in Computer Management / Systems, Journalism, Administration and Business Management, with Eager to make your knowledge and experience available to volunteer organizations.

  • General population.

  • People sensitized to problems related to mental health.

  • Time availability: Minimum of TWO hours per week.

The areas in which a volunteer can move in TP CARTAGENA MM

The fields are wide and diverse. You can participate in person in prevention programs, direct assistance to affected people and family members, awareness programs or support for the organization's management tasks and / or virtually using new information technologies, especially the Internet and email. There are various tasks that do not necessarily require a physical presence at the headquarters, such as, for example, translating texts, designing logos or information brochures, writing articles for your publications or web pages, etc. In the computer area, volunteers can carry out social network management tasks. Another way to do virtual volunteering is through urgent actions or 'cyber-activism', campaigning through the Internet to report different situations of injustice, collecting signatures , forwarding informative emails, etc. This type of volunteering satisfies the desire to collaborate with many people who, due to their working hours or personal circumstances, cannot attend the Association in person.


In addition to the experience, all the people who participate in our volunteer program will receive training consisting of three different parts:

  • A first module of Basic Volunteer Training, common to all those involved in our organization's volunteer program. (2 HOURS)

  • A second area of ​​Specific Training, which will depend on the program in which the volunteer is assigned. (2 HOURS)

  • A third Specialized Training program, consisting of psychopathological knowledge, especially on Personality Disorders; crisis interventions, and training in common factors, which will allow the volunteer to acquire greater specialization and training for their work. (4 HOURS)

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